⩥ 01/03/2023: Seminar on Woman empowerment

       A seminar on women's empowerment was organized in the conference hall of Divyang Vidhya Vihar with the support of the Department of Women and Child Welfare, on the occasion of International Women's Day. The seminar was attended by 50 female students and staff, who learned about women's rights, the importance of educating girl children, and various schemes related to women's empowerment. The seminar was inaugurated by the Secretary of our organization, Mr. Himanshu Sompura, the representative of the Department of Women and Child Welfare, Ms. Foram Vyas, Pooja Parmar along with the chief coordinator, Mr. Deepak Prasad, as well as principals and coordinators. The event was marked by a signature campaign on "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao."

⩥ 28/02/2023: Celebration of National science day

            Our school, Divyang Vidhya Vihar and Divyang Kanyakunj, celebrated National Science Day. Disabled students showcased their scientific knowledge and skills by conducting experiments and demonstrating basic science principles at the science laboratory. Additionally, the girls of Divyang Kanyakunj presented exhibits on devices, natural calamities, and Information about NASA and ISRO. Following the exhibition, a quiz competition was held at the prayer hall, and winners were awarded first, second, and third prizes. The event was attended by the General Secretary of our organization, Mr. Laljibhai Prajapati, Secretary Mr. Himanshubhai Sompura, Treasurer Mr. Zinabhai Dabasiya, Trustees Mr. Harjibhai Lachhani, and Chief Coordinator Dipakprasad, who visited the exhibition and motivated the disabled students. Coordinators, principals, teachers, and other staff members also visited the exhibition.

25/02/2023: Farewell & Best Wishes Program of Std. 12th & 10th Students


          At Divyang Vidhya Vihar, a Farewell & Best Wishes Program was held on February 25, 2023, for students in grades 10 and 12. The program featured speeches and gift presentations from key members of the organization, including General Secretary Mr. Laljibhai Prajapati, Secretary Mr. Himanshu Sompura, Treasurer Mr. Zinabhai Dabasiya, and Mr. Harjibhai Lachhani. Additionally, Chief Coordinator Mr. Deepak Prasad extended his well wishes to students for their upcoming board examinations.

            The program was organized and conducted entirely by students of grade 12. During the event, students from both grade 10 and 12 shared their experiences and praised the school's facilities. Notably, two hearing-impaired girls delivered speeches in sign language, which were interpreted by another girl.

10/11/2022: Get to gather of Shri Navchetan Andhajan Mandal.


Shri Navchetan Andhajan Mandal organized a gathering of its employees at Divyang Vidhya Vihar in Madhapar. The aim of the gathering was to bring together the staff and create a friendly atmosphere. The event was a great success, and all attendees had a wonderful time.

           The highlight of the event was a speech by Swami Pradiptanand Saraswatiji, the founder of Arsh Sadhana Center. Swami Pradiptanand speech was truly inspirational and focused on the importance of Swadharma, a concept that emphasizes living life according to one's duty and purpose. The attendees were captivated by the Swami's words, and many took away valuable lessons and insights from his speech.

           The gathering was attended by important members of the Shri Navchetan Andhajan Mandal, including the General Secretary, Laljibhai Prajapati, the Secretary, Himanshu Sompura, the Treasurer, Zinabhai Dabasia, and the Trustees, Khimjibhai Vekaria, Harjibhai Lachhani, and Murjibhai Dabasia. The Chief Co-ordinator Deepak Prasad, and the Co-coordinators, Principals, teachers, and staff were also present and actively participated in the event.

           In conclusion, the gathering of Shri Navchetan Andhajan Mandal on 10th November 2022 was a great success, and all attendees went home feeling inspired and uplifted. The speech by Swami Pradiptanand Saraswatiji was the highlight of the event and will be remembered for a long time.